CCL Rehab for RVT's

A 2-day course covering post-operative rehabilitation for any CCL surgery.  No rehab experience necessary!

Carrie Smith, BScPT, CCRT

Carrie is a Registered Physiotherapist and a Certified Canine Rehab Therapist with over 30 years of experience.  She owns a human physiotherapy clinic and a canine rehabilitation clinic in the Ottawa area. 

Carrie has been the Team Physio for the Canadian Women's Hockey Team and the Canadian Men's Rugby Team, has been to 2 Olympic Games and Rugby World Cup.  She says that working with rugby players is pretty much the same as working with animals, but the animals smell better.  Carrie has recently traded her human sports to work with sport dogs....she is presently the Team Physio for Team Canada at the World Agility Open Championships.

For the last 15 years, Carrie has implemented a 12-week post-operative rehab program for CCL repairs.  She has had tremendous success with this program, and is now teaching her protocol to other canine rehab professionals and Registered Veterinary Technicians.  


CCL Rehab for RVT's

Course Overview

Take a sneak peek at our 2-day comprehensive program.

It's awesome.

Course Includes:

6 participants minimum, 12 participants maximum

10 CE Credits from the OAVT

Course Manual

E-Stim Unit, Electrodes, Gel

Access to our 12-week online video program

Coffee Breaks



What our referring Veterinarians and

Canine Rehab Therapists say:

“I refer these animals to Carrie and then I see them again, and I see a huge difference in them.

 I hear the clients tell me it’s made such a big difference.  I refer all of my post-op cruciate clients to Carrie.”

Dr. Nathalie Fortier

” It’s fantastic for your dog to follow a structured program.

We don't want our clients learning about their post-op rehab from Dr. Google.”

Dr. Francine Lord

"Carrie's TPLO protocol is my "Go To" for all my TPLO clients.

It's divided into 12 weeks, with goals and exercises clearly outlined week to week.

The program tells you how to progress the exercises, when to discontinue exercises, and all of the do's and don'ts.

It's invaluable.

It comes with Weekly Checklists which make a huge difference for owners.

I highly recommend Carrie and her TPLO program."

Telma Grant, BScPT, Diploma Canine Rehab

Why your clinic needs this

Here are some facts:

  • Research shows that early rehabilitation post-operatively leads to improved surgical outcomes and client satisfaction
  • Many veterinarians perform CCL surgeries with little or no rehab follow-up
  • Clinics that have traveling veterinarians perform the surgeries often have little or no rehab follow-up
  • Most clinics and owners do not have access to a rehab therapist
  • Owners are performing their own rehab via the internet
  • Owners want to be proactive and help their dogs but need guidance on what to do

Benefits to your practice

  • Increase your own skills and become the "go-to" RVT for post-operative CCL care
  • "Rehab" is the buzzword in veterinary medicine these days, and post-operative care is one of the easiest ways to get started
  • Become the clinic that has the best surgical follow-up with an easy to follow, PROVEN, 12-week rehab program
  • Improve surgical outcomes!  50% of dogs post CCL repair will tear the opposite side.  The recent statistics for this program showed that only                                               18% tore the contra-lateral CCL...                                       That's WAY better.
  • Clients talk.  Be the clinic they talk about when people ask them about CCL surgery.
  • Regardless of the type of CCL surgery (TPLO, TTA, Extra-capsular), the rehab program is the same!

Increase your profits

  • Add 4 RVT rehab visits to every CCL surgery
  • Add a take-home E-stim unit to every surgery
  • Add an online video program for owners where the clinic makes 50% of each sale


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